This section of the website provides a space to try out new ideas. Tell stories for the first time, and informally develop some of the loose ends that I haven't found a space for in my more formal writing. If you're looking for the formal documents where I outline my professional identity, move to another one of the links on the top navigation menu. If you're interested in seeing a more process oriented account of what I'm working on about now, this is the place. If this website were a haircut, it would be a mullet. My cv, teaching portfolio, and research statement are part of the business end up front. This is the party in the back.


brass-band-wanted Discussion of the Cataract Quick Step, a musical score written for the South Hadley Brass Band, as a primary source revealing how people lived with the Connecticut River.

trout Trout acted as indicators of water purity not just in free flowing streams, but also in the cisterns and water tanks of ninteenth century cities and farms.